Concordia Shanghai Alumni

Renee Chen, Class of 2014

Renee Chen, Class of 2014

What are some of the most memorable and impactful moments at Concordia in Choir/Fine Arts?

Some of my most memorable experiences in choir were the Pop Concerts (especially the Les Mis Medley), APAC, and the NYC Tour! All of the travel and extra practices were where we really bonded as a group and had time to get to know one another. It was also really exciting to see what other groups prepared for concerts and APAC, whether it be the incorporation of additional instruments or some choral-ography.

The two musicals I performed in were two in which I made some of my closest friends, friends with whom I continue to speak with as an alum. It was really exciting to balance dance and vocal rehearsals and to see everything come together during tech, dress, and final performances! There is truly nothing that brings people together like developing coordination.

How did your involvement in music/the performing arts help you to get where you are today?

The performing arts really helped me develop confidence. Through support from peers and teachers throughout my K-12 experience, I was able to develop the courage to audition for ensembles, and ultimately solos and parts in musicals despite the uncertainty of whether or not I would "get the part". The willingness to try and make an effort regardless of the outcome is something that partaking in the arts has helped foster in me. This enthusiasm has been a great asset in interviews and auditions for various jobs and organizations.

Did you/do you participate in any musical/theatre groups at university?

I was a part of the Vanderbilt VIVID K-Pop dance team in college for 3 years.

When you look back at your time spent at Concordia how important was your time spent in choir?

Throughout my time at Concordia, I always looked forward to choir. Despite rehearsals or any difficult pieces, choir was always a space to breathe and get lost in the music. Despite the stresses of upcoming tests or life worries, choir was always a safe haven filled with optimism and encouragement from both Mrs. Ideker and my peers. There was always encouraging feedback, and I always left choir feeling as though we had made progress, regardless of the number of times we may have reviewed a section.

What will you do with your music/performing arts experiences/expertise as you go forward in life?

Singing with Chamber Singers has certainly left me with the desire to continue pursuing music in my life. While it may no longer be singing with a choir, I still find that singing and making music with others as an opportunity to not only build community in a new area.