Concordia Shanghai Alumni

Cindy Kim, Class of 2014

Cindy Kim, Class of 2014 

What are some of the most memorable and impactful moments at Concordia in Choir/Fine Arts?  

My most memorable and impactful moment at Concordia in Choir was the NYC Tour with Chamber Singers. If it weren't for the wonderful opportunities and experiences that Concordia offers, I would never have had such an incomparable experience. With Mrs. Ideker’s passionate support, we were able to send an audition video and join the event. Many schools from the U.S. and abroad traveled to NYC for this mass choir performance. Our choir also prepared vigorously for it while rehearsing for school performances as well. This was an exciting event for me because we got to work with one of my favorite composers, Eric Whitacre. We even got the opportunity to work with the famous musical composer Stephen Schwartz. Although it was not an easy process and required a lot of investment, we really worked hard to give our best and we did. This experience led us to have an even stronger bond as a team.

How did your involvement in music/the performing arts help you to get where you are today?

My involvement in music at Concordia grew my love for music and singing, which led me to continue doing music. In college, I joined the hall choir team for years and also still do vocal recordings at home, on my own. Although it isn’t anything professional, I genuinely enjoy making music and sharing my talent with others. I share my recordings online through SoundCloud and feel happy when people enjoy my music.

When you look back at your time spent at Concordia how important was your time spent in choir?

Choir was a really important part of my high school life. My musical abilities developed a lot through singing in Chamber Singers, which really taught me how to sing in a choir. I can easily say that choir takes the most clear and enjoyable memories of my high school moments. I’ve spent the most time with choir outside of class for rehearsals and such, which were valuable and very pleasing.

Are you involved in music now?  

Throughout college, I’ve done a few vocal performances for the Korean community musical events. I also sang in a band that I formed with some friends at college. Other than that, my regular musical involvement now is doing vocal recordings on my own as a pastime.

What will you do with your music/performing arts experiences/expertise as you go forward in life?

I am willing to share my musical ability with community. Even after I finish college and leave Hong Kong, I am going to find other ways to perform music in the new community. Also, I really enjoy doing musical performances and doing recordings. However, recording on my own obviously cannot produce high quality recordings. Someday in the future, I want to try a professional vocal recording in a studio.

Did singing with Chamber Singers, creating music together as a group, inspire/influence/drive any goals….or teamwork…..or hobbies that you are working towards today?

Singing with Chamber Singers definitely influenced me to continue doing music in college and also as a hobby until now. That experience helped me find my real passion and talent in music. Without it, I wouldn’t have actively sought out opportunities to perform, form a band, and do vocal recordings. Not only that, I also learned how to be a good team member and how to work together for achieving the big goal.