Concordia Shanghai Alumni

Ashley Ottesen (Parker), Class of 2011

Ashley Ottesen (Parker), Class of 2011

What are some of the most memorable and impactful moments in the Concordia Theatre program?

The community I believe was the most memorable. It was so rewarding to be surrounded by like-minded people telling stories. It was my most favorite class.

How did your involvement in the theatre help you to get where you are today?

I did theatre in middle school but the high school I attended before Concordia did not have a theatre program so it was Concordia that reintroduced my love of performing. So much so I continue performing today both on stage and on film.

What were your favorite moments/memories of the theatre program and why?

Performing Macbeth. It was my first ever Shakespeare performance and I have gone on to do many more Shakespeare plays. In fact the majority of my performances have been Shakespeare. It was also in Macbeth I was first introduced to stage combat, later going to Hong Kong with CISS theatre for the stage combat seminar. I’ve since learned quite a bit of stage combat and different weaponry. Due to that knowledge I’ve been fortunate to work as a combat choreographer and stunt coordinator on several stage and film projects.

What will you do with your theatre experience as you go forward in life?

Well I went on to earn my BFA in Acting. I’ve chosen acting as a career and it’s all because I did theatre at Concordia.

Are you creating/performing now?

Yes. I am currently in two plays. Taming of the Shrew and Arsenic and Old Lace. I am also scheduled to perform in a sitcom this coming April. If you get NBC you may see one of the many Nebraska Furniture Mart commercials I’ve done. I audition and work rather consistently. I’ve also been writing my own scripts for short and full feature films I hope to shoot one day.

Current employer or course of study.

I am self-employed as an actor. I have an agent here in Dallas helping me find big auditions. Dallas is considered a small market so the opportunities are few but I still manage to find enough to do as well as balancing my two kids.