Concordia Shanghai Alumni

Angelina Tian, Class of 2015

Angelina Tian, Class of 2015

What are some of the most memorable and impactful moments at Concordia in Band/Music?

One of the most remarkable things about Mr. Chapman is that he definitely cares about his band members like family. No matter how difficult or early our extra practices were, year after year the core members come back and ready to do it all over again. You could feel that every moment was impactful for him, and it showed through every practice. Obviously, every performance night was special and unique, but that makes each practice sessions as memorable and impactful as well. - If I had to pick a moment, it would be when my keyboard malfunctioned right before the show, and it was clear that Mr. Chapman knew from the beginning, but we both pretended everything was fine. In the end, he came by and comforted me instead of asking why it went wrong. For me, this was particularly special!

How did your involvement in the performing arts help you to get where you are today?

I learned the importance of team-work. Being an only child and raised under such privileged conditions, it is easy to forget that you have to share and bring others up. Mr. Chapman taught me to lead, as well as to give me a sense of power that I could inspire others with everything that I chose to do. This is incredibly important for the workforce, particularly when you face leadership opportunities or a chance to mentor others.

What will you do with your performing arts experiences/expertise as you go forward in life?

I will probably put my children through the same haha! I’m not too sure yet but I believe it brings me a sense of community that I will always try to foster in my current environment.

Are you involved in music now?

Unfortunately not.