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Life success starts with Concordia.
Academic Excellence
Authentic Experience
Unique Balance
Vibrant Community
Nurturing Environment
It starts here.

It Starts Here.

As one of the best international schools in China, we expect much from our students and provide the instruction and holistic support they need to excel. Amazing results ensue. Concordia is Shanghai's American school where students find their unique balance through authentic experience within a vibrant community of quality faculty, engaged parents, and passionate students. That's the Concordia Advantage.


We prepare our students for entrance into some of the world’s top institutions of higher education. Students explore a broad base of subjects in all academic areas with an emphasis placed on opportunities for authentic, deeper learning.


We intentionally focus on helping develop the disposition to think, feel, and behave ethically and responsibly, growing ours students' minds as well as their hearts. Students are engage across disciplines and divisions in meaningful service to others.

Balance is not only integral to success in school but also in life.

Holistic Programming

At Concordia, we encourage students to find balance and support them in their pursuit of personal excellence. As a result, our students take away the experience of having tried many things, gaining mastery as they delve deeper into a subject or activity and building confidence in their ability to adapt and learn new skills along the way. 


Our Athletic Department provides a holistic approach to athletics that encourages our students towards a growth mindset. For us, athletics is a vehicle to learn life lessons in self-management, teamwork and resiliency.


Our Fine Arts Department offers a range of artistic outlets that are integrated into our students’ course of academic study on a continuum designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and self-expression through performance and exhibition in the study of music, theatre and visual arts. 


Our comprehensive American-style curriculum aligns throughout our Early Childhood, Elementary School, Middle School and High School divisions, and is designed to encourage and nurture each student intellectually, physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially.



Our co-curricular program includes activities, sports, and clubs that run parallel to the curriculum and provide additional learning that aligns across grade levels. These intentional, age-appropriate activities start in the early grades and continue through high school.


We have developed a number of signature programs and partnerships that allow us to provide exceptional learning opportunities to students.













Supportive faculty and diverse offerings allow students to excel in and out of the classroom.

Concordia by the Numbers

Our culture of involvement and interaction between students, faculty and engaged parents creates a unique academic ecosystem where students thrive holistically.

A Place for Passions

One of my favorite things about Concordia is that I’ve found a lot of passions here. I discovered my passion for coding in fifth grade from digital literacy class. Also, the Concordia teachers are really nice and know how to make you feel part of the community.

Warren H.
Concordia middle school student

An Encouraging Environment

My teachers throughout the years have pushed me to face my fears and grow my strengths. I've learned so much about the world and its cultures from having friends and teachers from countries all around the globe.

Elena S.
High school student, Class of '23

Passion and Possibility

Concordia’s growth mindset, environment and extremely supportive faculty structured around a holistic education, allows students to search, and pursue their passions.

Shreyas S, Class of ’25 (left)

Concordia time and time again has exceeded my expectations with their unwavering support for my passion, no matter how big or insurmountable a project or goal seemed.  

Marcus C, Class of '25 (right)

Founders of the Phoenix Squadron Club

Supportive Faculty

Teachers at Concordia are very supportive, and they want to do more than just teach academics. The teachers here have created a very safe environment, which I have been very appreciative of. It also makes the learning experience a lot easier.


Diya P.
High school student, Class of ‘24

Wholesome Environment

I can see that at Concordia my son is cared for as an individual. His strengths are nurtured and weaknesses addressed. The teachers are very professional and dedicated. And most importantly, kids are very motivated, and truly love the school and the environment.

Oksana K, mother of a Concordia ES student  

A Well-rounded Education

Concordia is a very special school. It not only focuses on academics, although it is very strong in academics, but also focuses on developing a kid’s other intelligences—for example drawing, technology, and even music—which makes kids more well-rounded.

Sam He
Father of a Concordia middle school student

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An Engaged Community

Concordia is a place where parents can really get involved. Coming from a different country, from a different experience, one way to plug in, make friends, and become part of the community is working with the PSO. It’s a great way to meet people, to build friendships and to do things that make a difference.

Deepali P.
Mother of two Concordia students

A Shared Philosophy

Concordia not only fosters our children's academic development but also allows them to learn how to fundamentally become better people, which will have a lifelong influence on them. Therefore, Concordia fits well with the educational philosophy of our family. 

Kate S.
Mother of two Concordia students

Watch the Dai Family Video

Asking Meaningful Questions

I think Concordia really excelled at two things—One was teaching you how to think, instead of just telling you what to memorize; Two was forming you as a holistic person and really having you self-interrogate: What are your values? What are your principles? How are you fostering real and true and genuine relationships with people around you?


Karis T.
Class of '16, attended Harvard University, currently an associate with McKinsey & Company

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Encouraged to Explore

The range of experiences that Concordia offers through its curriculum allowed me to explore so many different things, academically and personally.


Jerry L.
Class of '19, matriculated at Brown University

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Friendships that Last

Concordia has an amazing community. The friends I made there are still some of my closest today. The Concordia drive and spirit have helped me in so many areas of my life, especially in medicine.


Louise A.
Class of '12, currently completing her residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital

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Supporting Faculty Growth

Concordia Shanghai has been my family's home since 2012, and during our time here my wife and I have had amazing colleagues and administration that have supported us personally and professionally and allowed us to grow into the teachers that we are today.


Ryan M.
Concordia faculty since 2012

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Shared Mission and Values

My wife and I have watched the school grow from a few hundred students to over 1300 students. We are firm believers in this school’s mission and values.


Carey H.
Concordia faculty since 2004

Relationships that Matter

Concordia is a school that really values positive relationships with families and is committed to developing those relationships with respect, trust and, effective communication with one another. We want to see each and every one of our students learn and grow and thrive as a result.  


Julie M.
Elementary School Principal