Updates & Announcements #26

As a Christ-centered community of professionals, Concordia’s faculty and staff value and honor a culture of mutual respect, trust and collaboration.

Everyone has a story…find their spark.

Culture Matters-link to Gregg’s vision

Congratulations & Prayers

Intended to be a place where everyone can contribute by sending in information about people or events who should be recognized. For inclusion, please send your submissions to Steve Nurre by Thursday noon.

  • Prayers for Raquel Parra’s family in Venezuela as they struggle with the political instability there.
  • Prayer of thanks for former student whose mother, Alex Chiu, taught in our preschool.  Nicole’s most recent angiogram shows no new avm growth, which significantly reduces the likelihood of anything being wrong in the future.
  • Congratulations to Gloria Chandler, Michael Lambert, Kelly Jo Larson and the Marketing team, and all of the volunteers who helped in hosting the Concordia Presents: Peter Feigl, Child of the Holocaust and all associated events this week.
  • Congratulations to Johanna Schooley and the Library staff for their efforts with ES Book Week and hosting Author-Artist in Residence, Richard Sobol.
  • Thank you to sponsor, Cindy Farley, and chaperones, Kathleen Mahoney, Chris Carter, Dagne Furth, Eileen Bach, Joanie Nadeau, Randy Farley, and Marcia D’Eon, involved in 30 Hour Famine this weekend
  • Thank you to Kirsten Gray, Caelin McNair, Margaret Thong, organizers of the Grade 4 Dance Event this week.


» Give Fresh Water to a Rural Yunnan Village for Spring Break: YEP Water Family Service Experience

  • Opportunity on March 28 to April 4,

Join a group of Concordia families as their team leader along with the CWEF leaders in making a difference during Spring Break by serving. . Two team leader’s expenses will be sponsored by the 2013 Gala & Auction in appreciation for volunteering.  For more information, please read below and email Lindsey Eliason.

Make a difference during Spring Break by serving as a family. For many years our high school students have been transformed by the YEP Water trip where our students work along side villagers to dig trenches and install a cistern to bring fresh water to  a village. This coming March 28 to April 4, for the second time, Concordia families have the opportunity to participate in this unique and impactful trip . How great would it be to spend your holiday time traveling to Shuangjiang County to work on a water system that will provide clean and continuous drinking water for the local people and their livestock to meet their basic living needs?

» AUCTION TICKETS ON SALE – Payroll deduct, tickets delivered to you

Tickets are 850RMB per person and raffle is 100RMB or 6 for 500RMB.  Attached is the raffle flyer if you would like to preorder and request to be delivered to you.  In purchasing tickets, you can request that they be payroll deducted.  For payroll deduction,  please email Sophy Zhang requesting the tickets to be deducted and copy tickets@concordiashanghai.org and ron.mona@concordiashanghai.org.


No event is successful without the help from our entire Concordia community and that includes you!  We are in need of teacher volunteers to help with a few key roles on the evening that help the auction run smoothly and successfully.  In appreciation for your help, you will receive a complimentary ticket for your service.  For more information, please contact Ron Mona, ron.mona@concordiashanghai.org.  Volunteer needs include Student Volunteer Coordinators (2-3 needed) and On The Night Accounting/Bid Sheets (4 needed).

» ALEA Conference: Grace and Vocation

The Asia Lutheran Education Association Conference will be in Hong Kong on March 28-29. To learn more click on, ALEA Registration details.

» Concordia iOS App

Want to see the Concordia Lunch Menu for today? Need a quick way to email or call a School Office or to view the calendar from your phone? Then download the Concordia iOS App.

Search for “Concordia Shanghai” in the Apple App Store from your iPhone or iPad  or

Point the web browser on you iPhone or iPad to the following link and then click “View in iTunes” (located under the Concordia Logo).

» Positions Available for 2014-15

If you are aware of someone interested in applying for a posted opening please contact Steve Nurre.

  • ES Mandarin Teacher
  • Paraprofessional
  • Teaching Assistant

Apply via these links or from the Employment page of the school website, employment.concordiashanghai.org. If would like to know more about any of these positions please contact Steven Nurre through recruitment@concordiashanghai.org

» For Sale

» Food for Thought

Please feel free to send me articles that you think would be of interest to your colleagues. I will post them here.

» Link to current Community Bulletin to review articles of interest

» Events of Interest

Concordia Events:

  • Concordia TEDx Talk, on March 20th.  Audience members will be enlightened and inspired on a variety of topics by our panel of experts. TEDx events are locally organized events created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading.” Concordia is proud and excited to be hosting its first TEDx event.You can register for the Concordia TEDx event here. Spaces are limited.
    Do you personally have “ideas worth spreading?” If so, you are encouraged to apply to provide a TEDx Talk to share your expertise with our community.
    Adults presenters should contact Michael Lambert
    Students presenters should contact Brenda Petersen
  • Spring Fair, the National Honor Society will be hosting an event new to the Concordia community this year: The Spring Fair will be held on Saturday, April 19th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM! Families will be able to buy a table for 300 RMB and sell items from their own home that they no longer need or want. School organizations are also welcome to join in the fun, and receive a discounted price of 150 RMB. All proceeds will go the Yunnan Education Project, an organization with which NHS has worked for several years. All interested in participating in the Spring Fair should purchase a table by Thursday, March 27th. Registration can be found in the Middle and High School offices.
  • Maker Faire Jinqiao
    Saturday, April 26th, 2014, 10 am – 3 pm
    Hosted on the campus of Concordia International School Shanghai
    Parents, are you Makers? Students, are you Makers? The application process will be open to all Makers: parents, students, corporations, businesses, you name it. If you are a Maker, we want you to apply. 

    The maker movement is a global event, referred by many as the greatest SHOW-AND-TELL on earth. It is a showcase for anyone who is embracing the DIY or do-it-yourself (or do-it-together!) spirit and wants to share their accomplishments with an appreciative audience and rub shoulders with other Makers. It is a place where hobbyists, tinkerers, artisans, craftspeople, and the merely curious gather together to celebrate, inspire, and get inspired! Mini-Maker Jinqiao will showcase science skills in technology, engineering, arts – cooking, painting, sculpturing – and math. You will see workshops, music and performance, talks and presentations, young maker student booths, sponsor booths, and professional maker or crafter vendor booths.

    WHAT DOES A MAKER FAIRE LOOK LIKE?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJBugVtxDRg

    WHAT IS MAKING? “We get asked this question all the time. Implicit is usually a hint of “I don’t get it. What’s the big deal?” The superficial answer seems absurd. “Making is the act of creating something.” It’s been around forever. It’s not new. And yet I’m excited about it. There’s a movement about it. There’s talk of it changing the world.”- Travis Good from http://makezine.com/2013/01/28/what-is-making/

    More information will be available soon, including a link to the Maker Faire Jinqiao and the online application form for prospective Makers!

Outside Events (The school is not endorsing or promoting anything listed in this section. Items are listed merely you’re your information)

  • Lawn bowls, The nforce arena is holding a special promotion if a FREE sports party for anybody born on March 14, 15 or 16. If you are born on any of these dates you are entitled to 2 hours of supervised sports/games of your choice at the nforce arena.


<li><span style=”color: #000000;”><em>As a Christ-centered community of professionals, Concordia’s faculty and staff value and honor a culture of mutual respect, trust and collaboration.</em></span></li>
<h4><span style=”color: #e8500e;”><strong>Everyone has a story…find their spark. </strong></span>
<a href=”https://www.concordiashanghai.org/staff/culture-matters”>Culture Matters</a></h4>
<h3>Congratulations &amp; Prayers</h3>
<span style=”color: #000000;”><em>Intended to be a place where everyone can contribute by sending in information about people or events who should be recognized. For inclusion, please send your submissions to <a href=”mailto:steven.nurre@concordiashanghai.org” target=”_blank”>Steve Nurre</a> by Thursday noon.</em></span>
<li>Prayers for Matt Johnson, a former Concordia Social Studies teacher and Director of MUN, who left our community three years ago to be nearer his parents, for his father was in poor health. Matt now reports that, “…my dad is quickly approaching the end of his life. The doctor told us yesterday that he has two days to two weeks. Some family and friends are coming into town this weekend and we’re getting ready. This has been a long journey for him, my mom and all of us. We’re looking forward to him going Home! Prayers would be appreciated. Thanks for the friendship and support each of you has given me over the years.”</li>
<li>Thank you to all for your support during the air quality issues on Friday.</li>
<strong> </strong>
<h4>» Christmas Open House</h4>
All staff and families are invited to the annual open house at Pinick’s (GC1: 21-501) on December 8 between 1pm to 5pm.
<h4>» YEP Water Family Service Experience Opportunity, Dec 29 to Jan 1</h4>
We are still looking for school staff who are willing to serve as team leaders. Their expenses will be sponsored by the 2013 Gala &amp; Auction in appreciation for volunteering. 

Join a group of Concordia families as their team leader along with the CWEF leaders in making a difference this holiday season by serving.For more information, please read below and email Lindsey Eliason at <a href=”lindsey.eliason@concordiashanghai.org”>lindsey.eliason@concordiashanghai.org</a>.
<li>For many years our high school students have been transformed by the YEP Water Interim trips they would take each fall, where our students work along side villagers to dig trenches and install a cistern to bring fresh water to a village. For the first time, Concordia families have the opportunity to participate in a version of this unique and impactful trip. What better way to bring in the new year than by traveling to the Bailongtan village, Yunnan to help install a water system providing clean and continuous drinking water for the local people and their livestock to meet their basic living needs?</li>
<li>The expenses of the water project and all transportation costs once in Yunnan have been funded by the 2013 Gala &amp; Auction in support of Water Stewardship. While the school and CWEF will arrange all aspects of the trip from the time you leave Shanghai until you return to Shanghai, families are responsible for the cost of their airfare plus an additional 860 RMB/person which covers food, lodging and tour expenses.</li>
<li>The 25 spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis and children of all ages are welcome.</li>
<h4>» Welcome to New Hires</h4>
<li>ES Secretary-Amy Yang is single, from Shanghai and has a diploma in pharmacy. She is coming from working as an assistant in the Disney Language Center, and has also worked as a corporate Admin Assistant and pharmacist.</li>
<h4>» Positions Available for 2014-15</h4>
If you are interested in applying for a posted opening please contact Steve Nurre to review the process. We will beginning filling positions next week so it is important for you to inform us of your interest ASAP.
<li><a href=”http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/JobIntroduction.action?clientId=8ad8dbd139d5f4cf0139d6d38f8038ea&amp;id=8acda1103fa42f88013fb4fb6b2312d9&amp;specialization=8a699b9841895e140141c3dc5bd44d0d&amp;gnewtonResize=http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/GnewtonResize.htm&amp;source=”>Director of Marketing and Communication</a></li>
<li><a href=”http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/JobIntroduction.action?clientId=8ad8dbd139d5f4cf0139d6d38f8038ea&amp;id=8acda11041176522014124728d4c1161&amp;specialization=8a699b9841895e140141c3dc5bd44d0d&amp;gnewtonResize=http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/GnewtonResize.htm&amp;source=”>Director of Operations</a></li>
<li><a href=”http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/JobIntroduction.action?clientId=8ad8dbd139d5f4cf0139d6d38f8038ea&amp;id=8acda110411765220141243a960c0c43&amp;specialization=8a699b9841895e140141c3dbe3f74d00&amp;gnewtonResize=http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/GnewtonResize.htm&amp;source=”>HS Humanities Teacher</a> » Psychology</li>
<li><a href=”http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/JobIntroduction.action?clientId=8ad8dbd139d5f4cf0139d6d38f8038ea&amp;id=8acda11041176522014123dbe66603b1&amp;specialization=8a699b9841895e140141c3dbe3f74d00&amp;gnewtonResize=http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/GnewtonResize.htm&amp;source=”>HS Math Teacher</a></li>
<li><a href=”http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/JobIntroduction.action?clientId=8ad8dbd139d5f4cf0139d6d38f8038ea&amp;id=8acda110411765220141242ba5830af6&amp;specialization=8a699b9841895e140141c3dbe3f74d00&amp;gnewtonResize=http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/GnewtonResize.htm&amp;source=”>HS Physics/Math Teacher</a></li>
<li><a href=”http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/JobIntroduction.action?clientId=8ad8dbd139d5f4cf0139d6d38f8038ea&amp;id=8acda110411765220141244f03d20df0&amp;specialization=8a699b9841895e140141c3dbe3f74d00&amp;gnewtonResize=http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/GnewtonResize.htm&amp;source=”>MS Music Teacher</a></li>
<li><a href=”http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/JobIntroduction.action?clientId=8ad8dbd139d5f4cf0139d6d38f8038ea&amp;id=8acda110411765220141244907580dce&amp;specialization=8a699b9841895e140141c3dbe3f74d00&amp;gnewtonResize=http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/GnewtonResize.htm&amp;source=”>MS Physical Education Teacher</a></li>
<li><a href=”http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/JobIntroduction.action?clientId=8ad8dbd139d5f4cf0139d6d38f8038ea&amp;id=8a699b98428d50c20142c058127a1e44&amp;specialization=8a699b9841895e140141c3dbe3f74d00&amp;gnewtonResize=http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/GnewtonResize.htm&amp;source=”>Potential ES S.T.E.M. Coach</a></li>
<li><a href=”http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/JobIntroduction.action?clientId=8ad8dbd139d5f4cf0139d6d38f8038ea&amp;id=8acda1104158356601419b12b2371eee&amp;specialization=8a699b9841895e140141c3dbe3f74d00&amp;gnewtonResize=http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/GnewtonResize.htm&amp;source=”>Potential-MS Counselor</a></li>
<li><a href=”http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/JobIntroduction.action?clientId=8ad8dbd139d5f4cf0139d6d38f8038ea&amp;id=8acda1104117652201412424e7020a3a&amp;specialization=8a699b9841895e140141c3dbe3f74d00&amp;gnewtonResize=http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/GnewtonResize.htm&amp;source=”>Potential-MS Humanities Teacher</a></li>
<li><a href=”http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/JobIntroduction.action?clientId=8ad8dbd139d5f4cf0139d6d38f8038ea&amp;id=8a699b9841895e140141c3f3f99050c1&amp;specialization=8a699b9841895e140141c3dc472c4d0a&amp;gnewtonResize=http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/GnewtonResize.htm&amp;source=”>Assistant to the Director of Student Life</a></li>
<li><a href=”http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/JobIntroduction.action?clientId=8ad8dbd139d5f4cf0139d6d38f8038ea&amp;id=8a699b9841895e140141c3f3f99050c1&amp;specialization=8a699b9841895e140141c3dc472c4d0a&amp;gnewtonResize=http://newton.newtonsoftware.com/career/GnewtonResize.htm&amp;source=”>Assistant to the Middle School</a></li>
Apply via these links or from the Employment page of the school website, <a href=”https://www.concordiashanghai.org/community/newsletters/employment.concordiashanghai.org.”>employment.concordiashanghai.org.</a> If would like to know more about any of these positions please contact Steven Nurre through <a href=”mailto:recruitment@concordiashanghai.org”>recruitment@concordiashanghai.org</a>
<h4>» Updated Signup Sheet to score HS Basketball Games</h4>
Each game needs a scorer, a scoreboard controller and a 24/14″ operator (we can explain the 24/14″ rule at the site.)
<li><a href=”https://www.concordiashanghai.org/download/HS%20BB%20Scorers.xlsx”>BB Sign-up</a></li>
<li><a href=”https://www.concordiashanghai.org/download/BB%20Rules.pdf”>BB Score-sheet sample and Rules</a></li>
<h4>» Link to <a href=”https://www.concordiashanghai.org/community/newsletters/community-bulletin”>current Community Bulletin</a> to review articles of interest</h4>
<h4>» Events of Interest</h4>
<em>Concordia Events:</em>
<li><strong>Swap Shop</strong>: The Environmental Committee will be hosting a swap shop where you can bring your gently used clothing in on the day of the swap and swap for fashionable clothes! There will be music and snacks too- so you get free clothes AND free food!
<li>What: Environmental Committee Clothing Swap Shop!</li>
<li>Why: To reduce waste that comes from discarding fairly new clothing.</li>
<li>When: December 7, 2013, 10-12 AM</li>
<li>Where: Mrs. Hibler’s room (H429)</li>
<li><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><strong>Christmas Concert Season is here!</strong></span> Next week will be band and orchestra–MS Strings on Dec 10; MS Band on Dec 1; HS Band &amp; Strings on Dec 13. the rescheduled HS Choral Concert will be on Monday evening. All are at 7PM.<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><strong> </strong></span></li>
<li><strong>Christmas Caroling and Cookie Exchange</strong>, Dec 14–Come join us for some holiday family fun! Everyone is invited to join in even if you are not taking part in the cookie exchange. Just come along for some special Christmas cheer!
<li>a family event that will begin at the Bieniek’s at 5:00 pm for pre-caroling goodies and libations</li>
<li>end up at the Klammer’s for warm soup (including chili) and salad and the cookie exchange</li>
<li>if you wish to exchange Christmas goodies, bring three dozen to trade (and maybe a few extra to eat) and containers to carry your new goodies home.</li>
<li>If you are interested in being a host house to welcome Christmas carolers, please let Sylvia Bieniek know so we can plan our route. In the tradition of caroling, the host houses would be expected to welcome the singers and possibly offer some “grog/juice and figgy pudding/cookies” to the singers before they move onto the next venue. Each host is invited to join in with the carolers as we sing toward the Klammer’s home. We are looking for five host homes within a reasonable distance of Green Court One as we will be walking from house to house. Many thanks.</li>
<li><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><strong>Creator Expo</strong></span>, WILL BE one of Concordia’s GREATEST SHOWS ON EARTH – well at least in Pudong. It hopes to bring the maker movement to Concordia. Adapted from the maker movement sweeping the globe, Concordia’s CreatorExpo aims to focus on Concordia’s community of makers: students, teachers, parents, and corporate partners. It is open to anyone who is embracing the do-it-yourself (or do-it-together) spirit and/or wants to share their accomplishments with an appreciative audience. More information will be coming within the next couple of weeks. Coming April 26th, 2014. <a href=”https://www.concordiashanghai.org/download/Concordia%27sCreatorExp.pdf”>Open the attachment to read more!</a><strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”> </span></strong></li>
<li><strong><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>EARCOS Teacher Conference Registration</span></strong>–Due by Jan 17
<li>held in Bangkok, March 27-30</li>
<li>registration must be through school teacher rep, Jim Richmond</li>
<li><a href=”https://www.concordiashanghai.org/download/human_resources/ETC2014.docx”>ETC 2014 details</a></li>
<li><span style=”color: #000000;”>Contact</span><a href=” jim.richmond@concordiashanghai.org”> jim.richmond@concordiashanghai.org</a><span style=”color: #000000;”>with questions</span></li>
<em>Outside Events </em> <em>(The school is not endorsing or promoting anything listed in this section. Items are listed merely you’re your information)</em>
<li>Local Gymnastics class students ES-Upper grades. A great facility located just inside the local Chines village near Jinxiu Lu. <a href=”https://www.concordiashanghai.org/download/Spring%202014%20schedule.pdf”>Spring schedule</a>. Questions should go to Becky Bishop.</li>
<li>East African Safari- <a href=”https://www.concordiashanghai.org/download/Teacher%20Safari%20Special%20-%20PDF.pdf”>poster</a>; <a href=”https://www.concordiashanghai.org/download/Teacher%20Safari%20Special.pptx”>powerpoint</a>; This is a company that Calli Lane endorses. She has gone on multiple safaris and other travel with them that have been amazing and they always offer a 15% discount to teachers.</li>
<li><a href=”http://www.jinze.org/edm1read.php?serial=15&amp;memberserial=6236&amp;email=steven.nurre@concordiashanghai.org”>Christmas Weaving Workshop</a><strong> </strong></li>
<h4>» FYI</h4>
<li>Tweet Tweet–Follow us on Twitter-<a href=”https://twitter.com/xieheconcordia”>https://twitter.com/xieheconcordia</a> When tweeting about about Concordia, use #concordia</li>
<li><a href=”https://www.concordiashanghai.org/download/human_resources/Wellness%20Calendar%202013.pdf”>Wellness Calendar for 2014</a>–Questions should be directed to Becki Bishop.</li>
<li>Fine Arts
<li><a href=”http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=660fbb1b13e48a9d73d730715&amp;id=dbf5c6303c&amp;e=96b21ac217″>Season 1 Fine Arts</a></li>
<li><a href=”http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=660fbb1b13e48a9d73d730715&amp;id=a21db89dae&amp;e=96b21ac217″>Season 2 Athletics</a></li>
<li><a href=”https://www.concordiashanghai.org/athletics/schedules-scores”>Click for schedules and scores</a></li>