Learn to Swim

Swim Lesson Training Requirements

  1. The start time communicated means ‘in the water’. All students should aim to arrive at the pool 10 minutes prior to their group’s scheduled start time.
  2. If your child will be late to, absent from, or need to leave early from a training session or swimming lesson, please communicate this to your child’s coach via WeChat. MS/HS students should communicate all absences to their coaches directly. Coaches will follow up with parents if needed.
  3. Concordia Swim Team caps must be worn by all students to all training sessions/swim lessons.
  4. Students can wear an appropriate swimsuit of their choice to training.
  5. Students will help pack away training equipment used after each training session/swimming lesson.

Students will keep the change rooms clean and tidy and respect the rules of the swimming facility.

Learn to Swim Squad Schedules

Equipment Required

All students should arrive at the pool with the following swimming equipment. All other equipment (kick boards, paddles, fulcrums, pull buoys etc.) will be provided by the school. Students names must be written clearly on all equipment.

SwimAmerica Program

Station 1-5 = Concordia swimming cap and goggles

Station 6-10 = Concordia swimming cap, goggles, water bottle, swim fins (short blade)

Where to buy?

Short blade swimming fins can be purchased from Decathlon stores, TaoBao or specialized swim stores.

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