Competitive Swim

Competition Requirements

  1. Students in the competitive swimming program are expected to race at all ‘Full CST’ swim meets as marked on the competition calendar.
  2. Some students in the SwimAmerica program will be selected to race for the Concordia Swim Team (CST) at competitions. Selection is based on skill acquisition in relation to student age.
  3. Students must indicate their desire to race at a competition before the deadline set by the Aquatics Director. Information on upcoming swim meets will be shared in parent and student WeChat groups. Your child’s coach has the final say over which events they will swim in.
  4. All students must wear their navy blue and white Concordia Swim Team swimsuit and navy blue swim cap at all competitions and during all warmups.
  5. All students must wear their navy blue Concordia Swim Team t-shirt at all competitions.
  6. All students should attend the team warm-up before a swimming competition.

*Note: Full swim team uniform (swim suit and swim cap) is to be worn during all warm-ups.


Competitive Swim Schedules

Equipment Required

All students should arrive at the pool with the following swimming equipment. All other equipment (kick boards, paddles, fulcrums, pull buoys etc.) will be provided by the school. Students names must be written clearly on all equipment.

Competitive Swimming Program

All Squads = Concordia swimming cap, goggles, water bottle, swim fins (short blade)

Where to buy?

Short blade swimming fins can be purchased from Decathlon stores, TaoBao or specialized swim stores.

Competitive Swim Registration

Program Fees

All swimming fees are payable to the Business Hub on the 3rd floor of the HS building prior to the commencement of each season or block. Program fees and payment dates will be communicated to you via WeChat. It is important to note that the Aquatics staff (including the Aquatics Director) cannot except payment on behalf of any parent or student. Swimming fees will be calculated using the below information. Refunds will only be given under special circumstance.

Competitive Swim Program Pricing

Ambassy Club member = 70rmb per session

Non-member = 120rmb per session

Season fees are calculated using the minimum training requirements of the training squad. If your child trains more than this, additional sessions will be free of charge. A small additional fee will be added each season to cover buffet breakfast costs and competition entry fees.

Payment Options

All payments are to be received by the HS Business Hub on the 3rd floor of the HS building. You can pay by cash, WeChat, Alipay, credit card or bank transfer/deposit. Please find the school’s banking details below.

Wire Transfer: Please note the student’s name on the remittance.

Bank Deposit: If you deposit RMB cash to our bank account, please delivery us a copy of the remittance.

Chinese RMB Payments

Account Name(户名):上海协和国际外籍人员子女学校

Account No. (帐号):310066111018170251820

Bank (银行):交通银行上海新区支行

RMB debit or credit Card: Additional bank service charges will be added on payments made by debit/credit cards. You must present the card in person at the Finance office.

Ambassy Club Membership

If you are interested in obtaining an Ambassy Club individual or family membership, please contact Greyson Liu via WeChat (ID: GreysonLiu) or call him at the Ambassy Club on 5895-8017. Mention your children go to Concordia to receive a special discount.