Aquatics Program

Program Overview

Our Coaches

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the Aquatics Team: Coach Ryan, Coach Zee, Coach Rick and Coach Lucky (L-R). Our aquatics team are experienced, professional coaches with coaching certifications from the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) and the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA). Coach Lucky was member of the Shanghai Swimming Team and Coach Zee and Coach Rick both swam for the National Team in Beijing for several years. I was a professional ocean lifeguard for 10 years and a competitive swimmer and surf lifesaver.  We are all passionate about water safety and the many health-related benefits regular swimming provides.

PE Swimming & Water Safety Units

PE Swimming & Water Safety Units. A curricular program that that focuses on water safety and basic stroke development for students in Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

SwimAmerica Program

SwimAmerica Program. An extra-curricular program that focuses on water safety and stroke development and enjoyment in the water. This learn to swim program operates before school and is currently open to students in Grades 2 - 5. A commitment of 2 mornings per week is required. Click here to learn more about SwimAmerica.

Competitive Swimming Program

Competitive Swimming Program. An extra-curricular program that focuses on technique refinement and advanced skill development while gradually increasing distance and intensity to prepare our students for competition. This program operates predominately in the mornings and is currently open to students in Grades 3 - 12. A commitment of 3 - 6 sessions per week is required. Click here to learn more about Competitive Swimming. 

Program Entry Requirements

First page of the PDF file: ProgramEntryRequirements


Below you will find the dates for the competitive swimming seasons and the SwimAmerica teaching blocks. Students are welcome to participate in as many seasons/blocks as they wish. Students will need to re-register for each season/block. New students wanting to join the program during the year will need to attend a tryout session (competitive swimming) or swim assessment (SwimAmerica). Tryout sessions and swim assessments will take place prior to the commencement of each new season or block. Dates and times will be communicated as the new season/block approaches. Due to the limited capacity of our programs, poor attendance may result in a student being asked to leave the team or being unable to participate in the following SwimAmerica block. 

SwimAmerica (Learn to Swim Program)

Block 1 = August 26 – October 25 (8 weeks)

Block 2 = October 28 – February 7 (11 weeks) à Priority given to continuing students

Block 3 = February 10 – April 17 (9 weeks) à Priority given to continuing students

Block 4 = April 20 – June 9 (7.5 weeks) à Priority given to new students (ES)

Click here to learn more about SwimAmerica.

Competitive Swimming Program

Season 1 (Pre-Season) = August 14 - October 25 (9.5 weeks) à Free for ES students

Season 2 (Peak Season) = October 28 - February 7 (11 weeks) à Free for HS students

Season 3 (Peak Season) = February 10 - April 17 (9 weeks) à Free for MS students

Season 4 (Long Course Season) = April 20 - May 29 (6 weeks)

Click here to learn more about Competitive Swimming. 

Swimming Before School


All morning squad training and swim lessons will take place at the Ambassy Club, Pudong. The address is 红枫路588号 à No. 588 Hongfeng Road. Members must show their membership cards each time they enter the pool. This will give the student a towel and a key to a large locker to store their belongings. Non-members are required to sign in at reception each time they enter the club. Students that are non-members can use the smaller lockers in the change rooms to store their belongings. All personal belongs are to be stored in the lockers. No bags are to be left on benches or floors in the change rooms or on the benches in the shower cubicles.

Transportation Agreements

Parents are responsible for the drop-off and pick-up of their children at all morning training sessions. No school buses or chaperones are provided. MS and HS students will often walk in groups from the pool to school or ride a bike together. ES students may do the same but they MUST be in the company of a parent or trusted guardian (Ayi for example). The Ambassy Club is a 10-minute walk or 4-minute bike ride from Concordia’s Mingyue Road gate.

Duty of Care

Parents/Guardians take full responsibility of their children up until the moment they enter the pool deck at the Ambassy Club. At this point, our Aquatics team will take on the duty of care responsibilities. Supervision in the restaurant, changing rooms and other facilities at the Ambassy Club, is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Swimming After School


All afternoon squad training will take place at East Wanguo Fitness Club, Pudong. The address is中文地址:上海浦东新区新金桥路1599号E2栋B2层 à B2F, E2 Building, NO.1599, Xinjinqiao Rd, Pudong District. Each student will receive a locker key for the change rooms to store their belongings. No towels are provided. It is strongly advised that all students lock all personal items in the locker provided and give the key to their coach on the pool deck for safe keeping.

Transportation Agreements

Concordia will arrange a bus to transport the students and coaches to and from the East Wanguo Fitness Club in the afternoons. ES students will be chaperoned to the bus from the designated meeting point (Intermediate Gym) each afternoon by one of Concordia’s swim coaches/teachers. MS/HS students will make their own way to the bus each afternoon. All buses for swimming in the afternoon will depart from and return to the Huangyang Road gate entrance. Departure time is 3:30pm sharp and the return time is 5:30pm. This will give students who take the late bus (5:40pm) enough time to do so. ES students must be met by a parent or trusted guardian at the Huangyang Gate at 5:30pm. It is important you are on time as our coaches will have worked a full day and will be eager to return home to their loved ones. MS and HS students can make their own way home from the school. East Wanguo Fitness Club is a 15 minute bus ride from Concordia.

Duty of Care

Our Concordia swim coaches are responsible for your children during the afternoon training sessions. We actively supervise the bus journey, changing facilities and the transitions in between.

Swim Team Merchandise

Concordia Swim Team merchandise can be purchased at any time during the year for students in the SwimAmerica and Competitive Swimming programs. The items you can purchase are listed below along with the correct process to follow.

Merchandise for Sale

Concordia Swim Team T-shirt = 110rmb

Concordia Swimming Caps = 30rmb

Concordia Jammer (boys) swim suit = 300rmb

Concordia Classic (girls) swimsuit = 340rmb

Concordia Knee Length (girls) swimsuit = 480rmb

Purchase Procedure

  1. Let the Cashier (Star Fan) know the merchandise you wish to purchase
  2. Make the payment through the available options (see Payment Options tab)
  3. Bring the receipt of payment to the Aquatics Office in the basement of the High School building.
  4. One of the Aquatics Team will check the receipt and give you the appropriate merchandise

* Make sure the receipt you receive has all the items you purchased written clearly on it to avoid delay.

**No payments will be accepted by the Aquatics staff. All payments for training fees and merchandise must go through the Business Hub on the 3rd floor of the HS building.

Sport Team Portal

Beginning in August 2019, you will be able to order and purchase team swimsuits from the Concordia Team Portal page on the Rocket Science website. To begin with, you will only be able to purchase swimsuit sizes we are currently out of stock of at school. We also plan to add other team merchandise to this portal in the months ahead.

Payment Options

All payments are to be received by the HS Business Hub on the 3rd floor of the HS building. You can pay by cash, WeChat, Alipay, credit card or bank transfer/deposit. Please find the school’s banking details below.

Wire Transfer: Please note the student’s name on the remittance.

Bank Deposit: If you deposit RMB cash to our bank account, please delivery us a copy of the remittance.

Chinese RMB Payments

Account Name(户名):上海协和国际外籍人员子女学校

Account No. (帐号):310066111018170251820

Bank (银行):交通银行上海新区支行

RMB debit or credit Card: Additional bank service charges will be added on payments made by debit/credit cards. You must present the card in person at the Finance office.

Swim Team Contact Information

All communication related to your child’s swimming development should directed to your child’s swim coach/teacher. If you have any concerns, incidents to report or questions related to the program as a whole, please communicate these directly to the Aquatics Director. All of our coaches are happy to meet with you to discuss your child’s development at a pre-arranged time away from the pool.

Coach Ryan (Aquatics Director) = ryan.layt@concordiashanghai.org (English only)

Coach Lucky = lucky.fei@concordiashanghai.org (Mandarin and English)

Coach Zee = frank.zhang@concordiashanghai.org (Mandarin and conversational English)

Coach Rick = rick.zhang@concordiashanghai.org (Mandarin and basic English)