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Work ethic, communication, teamwork, active listening and perseverance are just a few of the traits I want to reinforce in our student athletes here at Concordia on a daily basis.Varsity Boys Volleyball Coach

Athletic programs at Concordia are unsurpassed in Shanghai. For varsity athletes, level of play and access to competition are enhanced by travel across Asia.

Each season middle school athletes participate in Cross River Events (CRE) where they have the opportunity to experience competition at a tournament level.

At Concordia we seek to channel children's innate enthusiasm toward building sportsmanship, improving motor skills and having fun.

Our athletic program ensures that our high school student athletes learn life lessons in character, teamwork and resiliency. Their coaches are not just coaching them for a season, they are coaches for life. With 14 sports offered over three seasons, athletes can excel in their sport(s) and try their hand at others. Varsity athletes at Concordia experience unique opportunities as they compete against students from other international schools in Shanghai and around the world.

Seven diverse and competitive sports programs are available to middle school students interested in athletics. In grades 7 and 8, select teams are available in some sports while in grades 5 and 6, the focus is on learning to play and understanding sportsmanship. Students can also participate in middle school Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), through which students learn fair play and develop interpersonal skills that are integral to life success, both on and off the court.

For those elementary students who love being active, Concordia teachers supplement physical education and play with engaging and educational Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) that focus on getting physical such as Fit Club, Tennis and Kung Fu. Concordia also works with outside vendors to provide alternative sport options for a fee such as Kung Fu or Tennis. There are also sport opportunities offered by external organizations who use our campus facilities.
Riddle: Where can you find school spirit? Hot dogs grilling? Pep band playing? Fans cheering?
Answer: Phoenix Friday at Concordia.

Concordia athletics had 412 participants during the 2015-16 school year across the fall, winter and spring seasons.

Concordia athletes have won 55 SISAC titles since the beginning of the athletic program in 2002.

Since joining the APAC conference in 2008 Concordia has won 10 APAC championships.

Our program prepares students to pursue their athletic passions at the collegiate level should they desire to do so.


Our varsity teams travel to and compete against various schools throughout Asia as part of Concordia's participation in Asia-Pacific Activities Conference (APAC). Our athletes collect trophies and passport stamps from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Vietnam.