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Educational Travel

Going on the Sichuan Expedition challenged me to achieve more than I thought was physically possible. I had to rely on the other students in my TrIBES when I felt like I couldn't keep going. And to top it all off we got to enjoy the beautiful vistas of mountainous China together.

2016 Sichuan Expedition team member

While living, working and studying in a foreign country admittedly has its share of challenges, Concordia students are truly blessed to be spending a part of their informative school years in China—a country teeming with both history and modern day adventure and where the culture is unique and awe-inspiring. For students seeking opportunities to serve and lead, China is a place where they can have an impact. Concordia has purposefully designed its educational travel program for students to grow through intimate experiences and improved understanding of their host country. Unique opportunities are offered in each division.

Shanghai Experiences
Middle School Trips
High School TrIBES

Elementary School

Elementary students explore Shanghai through day trips and in-school service experiences where they are exposed to adventure, culture and the concept of what it means to think as global citizens. Lessons taught during day trips teach students how to apply what they are learning in school to their everyday lives as well; this year, after completing a chapter on economics, Grade 4 students took a trip to one of Shanghai’s largest commodity markets. There, they bargained for small holiday presents for family members with cash they had ‘earned’ by doing chores around the house for a month! Creative trips like this serve to reinforce important classroom knowledge.

Middle School

Middle school students, teachers and chaperones embark on exciting, engaging, age-appropriate trips to four of China’s most historic and scenic areas. These trips occur in the first quarter, and destinations complement classroom learning and give students hands-on exposure to the rich history and culture of China.

Important Note:

All middle and high school students are expect to leave and return in their original assigned group with no exceptions granted. School is out at 11:30 AM on the Friday after all groups have returned, and family travel should only occur after dismissal.

Grade 5 Nanbeihu

Students take their first trip away from Shanghai and travel to Nanbeihu for a two-night adventure. Teamwork, trust, self-confidence and creative challenges add up to a fun and enriching three days of self–discovery and growth.

Grade 6 Xi'an

Grade 6 students participate in a four day, and three night trip by plane to the beautiful ancient city in Xian. The Xian program will help students get in touch with historical Xian as they explore, biking on the ancient city walls, pottery making and archaeological digging experiences. Students enjoy a dumpling banquet and a hot pot dinner Xian style. In addition, students will visit the country side to learn traditional arts and crafts from the local families.

p.s. This is the hyperlink: http://teachers.concordiashanghai.org/grade6/xian-...

Grade 7 Beijing

Students take a week-long trip to China’s capital city, Beijing, and spend time climbing spectacular unrestored portions of the Great Wall, learning about China’s capital and working with peasants to grind out a daily meal from scratch.

Grade 8 Yangshuo

Students take a week-long trip to Yangshuo and experience true adventure rock-climbing, biking and hiking and exploring Southern China. As part of their experience time will be spent a service opportunity with a local school. Tasks such as painting classroom walls/doors and creating murals will be the focus of this time.

High School

Concordia’s high school provides its student body with an annual weeklong educational travel experience within China called “TrIBES” (Transforming Individuals By Education and Service). The program seeks to develop communication and leadership skills, self-reliance and compassion as well as an in-depth view of our host country. Concordia’s TrIBES courses are diverse and include community service, cultural studies, and outdoor adventure.

TrIBES is an ambitious program with many goals. It provides Concordia high school students with an opportunity to build strong community ties between students and with their teachers. Student experiences become their classroom and teach them much that cannot be learned in the traditional classroom setting. Interim exposes students to cultures beyond their own and challenges their preconceived notions through discussion and reflection. The program seeks to develop communication, leadership skills, self-reliance and compassion.

The TrIBES travel experience draws a student out of their physical, emotional, and intellectual comfort zone with a view to gaining greater self-knowledge and a richer understanding of the world around them. The offerings of Concordia’s Interims are diverse and include outdoor adventure, cross-cultural learning and community service activities.

Important Note: All middle and high school students are expect to leave and return in their original assigned group with no exceptions granted. School is out at 11:30 AM on the Friday after all grade levels return, and family travel should only occur after dismissal.