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Middle School

Middle school students can choose among sports, fine arts activities and clubs that support and extend learning outside of the classroom.

Exploration of self and China are hallmarks of the three-to-seven-day adventure, challenge and service excursions.

Welcome to Middle School!

Concordia’s Middle School works in partnership with parents to create a school community that is supportive and responsive to student needs. Children between the ages of 10 and 14 are unique in intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth. Recognizing that these children are also strikingly different from each other, the middle school is designed to meet the needs of a child as well as an adolescent during the transition from the elementary to high school. Through a caring and secure environment, the middle school program ensures that all students experience challenge and success.

At Concordia our Middle School program is based upon the developmental needs of the young adolescent with the following goals:

  • Mastering basic skills within an interdisciplinary context.
  • Acquiring a fundamental body or knowledge and the critical thinking skills necessary for its interpretation and application.
  • Developing and maintaining a positive self-image.
  • Accepting increased social, personal and academic responsibilities.
  • Exploring a diversity of curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • Developing an increased awareness of individual differences and respect for others.
  • Participating responsibly in the school community.


The Handbook for students and parents provides a comprehensive look at the middle school program, from daily schedules and homework to communication methods and child protection policies.

Service & Service Learning

We don’t just talk about service, we live it through local service projects, classroom efforts, field trips, and student-led charity opportunities.

Fine Arts

Whether it's music, the visual arts or drama, our middle school fine arts program has something for the creative side of every student.

Leadership Program

We are blessed to have a group of students who are being trained as servant leaders. This program helps our students grow in their identity and confidence as global citizens who can make a difference in the lives of others.

Technology in middle school is used to enhance the curriculum in all subjects, ranging from math and science to physical education.

Middle School Events

Middle School News

In Grade 7 Math students had the opportunity to play miniature golf to learn how to add integers. There were 5 holes with obstacles set up around the middle school area. Each hole was assigned a par. If students met par, their score was a 0. If they went over it was a positive integer and if they were under par they received a negative integer score. Each hole had a different handicap (for example, if you are wearing something green you get a -5 handicap). Students tossed bean bags into the different bins and recorded their scores and handicaps. Then they totaled their score (positive and negative integers) hoping to have the LOWEST integer to win the prize of a free homework pass and candy!

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Ever wonder why your chocolate chip cookies burn or if your sight affects the taste of food? Students in Grade 7 Science have been busy working on investigations to answer these types of questions. They are also designing new inventions to solve problems to make "life" easier or better. Students will present these findings on February 24 from 8:30-9:45 in the PC Commons. Anyone is invited to come learn what we discovered. Who knows you might even learn a thing or two to help your life be better!

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March 7, in the morning, is being requested to have our final photo make-up day for those new students and anyone (including faculty) who missed out the last two times.

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It is Random Acts of Kindness Week here at Concordia! You can participate by holding the door for someone, or helping a classmate with their homework. Student Council would like to take action and bring everyone in this community closer. Random Acts of Kindness week (RAK) started with Anne Herbert in 1982. She wrote "Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty." She then published a book Random Acts of Kindness, and people were influenced by this and started Random Acts of Kindness week. So this week, let's try to help each other out with little random acts of kindness! Thank you for your efforts and kindness.

-MS StuCo

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Parent Coffee Invitation - Focus on Science Education

Concordia is pleased to welcome education consultant and YouTube EDU Guru Paul Andersen to campus to work with K-12 students and teachers October 10-14. Parents are invited to attend a special Parent Coffee where they can meet Paul and hear his thoughts on current teaching trends and challenges and find out what's next in science education.

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