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Graduation Requirements

 Concordia International School Shanghai - Graduation Requirements

Course Credits

Graduation from Concordia (Grades 9-12) requires the completion of the following high school course credits.

  • 4 credits of English
  • 3 credits of Social Studies
  • 3 credits of Science
  • 3 credits of Math (min. level, Algebra 2)
  • 2 credits of World Language
  • 2 credits of Fine Arts
  • 0.5 credits of Health
  • 2 credits of Physical Education
  • 2 credits of Spiritual Explorations (participation required each year)
  • + Electives.

Eight full semesters of high school attendance are required.

Four-year Educational Plan

The Four-Year Educational Plan helps you take a long-range view of planning classes for both the upcoming year and for each of your remaining years of high school to ensure a holistic approach to your Concordia experience. This process is not so much about the courses that are ultimately selected, as it is a conversation starter between a parent and child regarding future plans, interests and skills.

For students who do not complete all four years of high school at Concordia, eligible credits from their previous high school will be added to those courses completed at Concordia to determine when graduation requirements have been met.