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High School

Student Council

Student government offers opportunities for student engagement while building character, augmenting leadership skills and creating positive change.

As part of the educational travel program, high school students have a wide variety of opportunities to choose from that expose them to culture, service and adventure.

High School Program

Forward planning is necessary to complete a successful high school program at Concordia. Students should keep this in mind when choosing courses and planning their schedules to ensure they are meeting all the requirements for graduation.

The handbook for students and parents provides a comprehensive look at the high school program, from homework to communication methods and child protection policies. The daily schedule and high school map can be found in the student planner.


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Social Sciences
World Languages
Fine Arts
PE & Health
Spiritual Explorations
Advanced Placement

Applied Learning

The high school program has several applied learning courses that allow students to find a topic they love, go deep and make learning personal. In these courses students further develop their academic personality. Applied learning is inherent in virtually all areas of the curriculum, from science to visual arts. Additionally, students find opportunities to apply learning outside the classroom through educational travel and co-curricular activities.


During the last two weeks of school, G9 and G10 students experience a unique educational program known as X-Plorations. Choosing from extensive offerings, students partner with teachers to pursue their passion or explore new interests. X-Plorations is a sort of curriculum incubator from which current course such as Big Data Analytics, Aerospace Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship.


We are proud to offer an internship program each year as a part of Grade 11 curriculum. Working side-by-side with practicing professionals provides each student a unique opportunity to integrate theory with practical learning. During their internship, students will confront challenges and issues similar to those that they will eventually encounter and have the chance to put their classroom learning to the test.

world university fair

Each spring, we are proud to host the World University Fair, which invites around 150 higher education institutions to our campus. This is an excellent opportunity to gather information about various universities from around the world and ask questions that will determine how well they match your educational goals. The fair is open to non-Concordia students, and no registration is required.

Finding the Right Balance

Balance is important and a student’s class schedule should not be over-weighted with too many AP (or Honors) courses. Students should keep in mind the demanding nature of their course load, as they participate in co-curricular activities.

Mock Hiring Fair

This event has students vying for internships through face-to-face interviews with reps from multinational companies and organizations. Students receive feedback from their interviewers, which provides valuable insight for future job interviews.

College guidance at Concordia provides a personalized, student-centered program that informs and supports both students and parents.

High School Calendar

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Concordia International School Shanghai, Shanghai, China
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Concordia International School Shanghai, Shanghai, China
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Concordia International School Shanghai, Shanghai, China
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High School News

A big thanks to the PSO!

High School wishes to thank the wonderful volunteers from the PSO that provided a fantastic dumpling feast on the first day of exams. Teachers and parents were able to fellowship over graciously prepared recipes and specially brewed teas. Thank you to everyone who made this such a special day for the faculty.

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Please come and join us for our High School Choirs Christmas Concert!
Saturday, December 3, 2016
7pm in the Rittmann Theatre
Duration: 90 minutes
Featuring 7 choirs
Grand Finale: "The Hallelujah Chorus" from Messiah with Chamber Strings
Mrs. Meg Ideker, Concordia Choral Director
Mr. Steven Nurre, Adult Choir Director
Yifan Shi, Pianist

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The HS Environmental Committee is hosting their first clothing swap of the school year. Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff from all divisions (ES, MS, HS) are invited to participate!

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Concordia submitted 20 recorded, vocal auditions for the 2017 AMIS Honor Choir Festival. 9 of our students were accepted into the honor choir and 5 students are listed as alternates! Congratulations to those accepted: Vanessa Aldstadt, Elijah Burin, Jane Fang, Justus Hsu, Irim Jeon, Marley Lagares, Nicole Leung, Sunny Park, and Leanna Tang. And alternates: Alice Choi, Harper Lagares, Katrina Tsang, Emily Wang, Shelby Wilson. Students will be traveling with Mrs. Ideker to the American Community School of Abu Dhabi, UAE, for rehearsals and a grand performance from March 1-6, 2017.

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APAC Choir at SAS Pudong

Chamber Singers participated in our annual APAC Choir Festival on Nov 17-19 at SAS Pudong, Shanghai. Our Guest Conductor was Dr. Jonathan Talberg of Cal State University – Long Beach, California (USA). The 96 singers came from Canadian Academy, HKIS, ISB, Taejon, SAS-Pudong and Concordia. Together, we performed 7 songs under the baton of Dr. Talberg. The choirs from each individual school also performed 2 songs by themselves, rounding out a lovely concert in the new auditorium at SAS-Pudong. Concordia had 2 singers receive solos at the festival. Congratulations to Leanna Tang (Senior) and Nick Abouchedid (Senior)!

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Congratulations to the following students who auditioned and were accepted for the AMIS Honor Band and Orchestra. The festival will be held in Luxembourg, March 15-19. Students from international schools world-wide will participate. We are proud of our wonderful musicians!
Jason Chen – alto sax
Jarita Chen – percussion
William Shen – tenor sax
Johnathan Zhang – percussion

Tanya Lai – Double bass

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Congratulations to APAC Orchestra

Congratulations to everyone involved in APAC Orchestra hosted here at Concordia.

Guest conductor Jonathan Mann worked with 88 students from 5 schools during this wonderful event.

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Don't miss this concert featuring Bands, Strings, and Brazen Brass 5, a brass quintet comprised of Dallas, TX-based musicians. They will join Concordia's Bands and will be featured on The Toy Trumpet and Christmas Time is Here. Join us for an evening of Christmas music and cheer!

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Giving Tree 2016

Congratulations to the High School for completing 380 bags for Giving Tree this year. Every tribe rose to the challenge and completed at least 15 bags, with the Water Economic Development and Life Tribe completing 39! On November 22, student representatives went to the Navigating Winds Primary School to deliver the Giving Tree Bags to the students. Well done high school!

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Third Culture Coffee Roasters is a student-run social enterprise created by the Social Entrepreneurship class here at Concordia. In this business simulation, students sell delicious coffee beans that they roast themselves in order to benefit coffee farmers in Yunnan, and are currently helping them build raised beds to improve the quality of their coffee.

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Catch up on the most recent parent coffee here. Listen to Dr. Schuster talk about applied learning courses at Concordia, hear a guest presentation by Mr. Barrientes and Mr. Gordon on independent research and synthetic biology, and learn about how the counselors are using student wellness data to provide additional support to students. In addition, learn about a new Exploration involving University visits.

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For November's Caribou Math Competition 1500+ kids took the 9/10 test worldwide and Concordia's Joshua Shou got FIRST PLACE and Bob Zhang got SIXTH place. Congratulations Joshua and Bob!

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On November 11 and 12th Concordia hosted the International Hackathon Shanghai (IHS). Eight teams competed in this first full-English Hackathon for international students from middle school up to college in China. Each team was assigned a mentor to help facilitate ideas and had only 10 hours to finish a project. The first place team made a cross-platform APP that helps students catch the school bus The second place team made an addictive game about queuing up. The third place team created a smart outlet controllable by text message; no WiFi, no Bluetooth, as long as your phone has signal, it will do. All of these were done within 10 hours. 12th grade student Yiluo Li, said that the creativity and innovation of all of the teams was incredible. The Hackathon was founded by four Concordia students, Yiluo Li, Kevin Jin, Charlie Kong, and Danny Kong. Congratulations to these students for creating such a successful event!

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