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The English Language Learner (ELL) program at Concordia is committed to providing students with the support they need to fully participate in the rich English learning environment we strive daily to create. One of the things that the Concordia ELL program believes strongly in is

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Concordia in the News

TCK Journey and Beyond: The Life of Third Culture Kids

Source: Urban Family Magazine
Concordia Middle School counselor Amanda Abel writes about the struggles and triumphs of third culture kids as they acclimate to their new environment. Article featured in the Oct/Nov issue of Urban Family Shanghai. . Read more.

Finding a Support Network with Concordia's Advisory Program

Source: Newswire
To say middle school can be a tumultuous time of shifting sands is an understatement. Those short, yet crucial years between childhood and adolescence cover much ground in the development of a student. Read more

WATCH: Concordia International School Shanghai 'Kids Talk'

Source: Shanghai Family
Each month, Shanghai Family visits a variety of schools to interview kids on a range of different subjects. This September, we met with students at Concordia International School Shanghai, to find out why they're excited to be going back to school after the long summer break. Read more.

Concordia Shanghai to Dive into New School Year with Curricular Aquatics Program

Source: EARCOS Journal
Concordia International School Shanghai will start the 2017-2018 school with an aquatics program designed to focus on encouraging participation in swimming for fun and teaching skills for a safe swimming environment. <page 32> Read more

American Born Chinese not a misfit, but a bridge connecting two worlds

Source: Shanghai Daily
In my Native Mandarin Literature class, we were recently discussing social issues in China. We covered a variety of topics, from food safety to education. Read more

What's Happening in the Divisions

Students in Grade 8 Science recently learned how a 103,300 ton air carrier can float on water. It has to do with buoyancy and density. Students tested various cubes of materials to see which ones would float and which ones would sink. Based on the cube's density being less than 1g/mL or more than 1g/mL determined the answer to SINK (greater than) or FLOAT (less than)- to answer the question! So keep the carriers density to less than 1g/mL and it will stay afloat!

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The Big Data Analytics class, one of Concordia's Applied Learning Classes, will be hosting its 4th Annual Student Presentations on Monday December 4 beginning at 1:45 pm in the PC Lounge. The following are the topics that will be presented. Please join us for this data filled event.

Big Data in Lung Disease
By Zemei Amanda Lee

Big Data in Basketball
By Eric Jun

Big Data in Volleyball
By Jonathan Serbent

Quantifying Air Quality in Concordia
By The Zi Xuan and Nicholas Ho

Big Data in Fake News
By Megan Yang

A Look into Concordia's 2016-2017 Health & Wellness Tracker
By Bob Zhang

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For the first time, several Concordia students are competing in the 17th Annual International Public Policy Forum. Hundreds of schools from 17 countries and 30 US states took part in the initial round of this written debate on the issue of climate change. The 10th grade team of Lillian Fu, Isabella Luo, Kristie Mak and Evelyn Shi were selected as part of the Top 64 Teams and are currently engaged in writing their response. Eventually the eight finalist teams will be awarded travel to New York to compete orally in the final rounds—wish them luck!

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Congratulations to Joshua Shou who ranked 1st in the world and Duyeong Kim who ranked 5th in world in November's Caribou Math Competition. Well done Joshua and Duyeong!

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APAC Strings was held from November 15-19 at TCIS in Taejon, Korea. Musicians performed selections under the baton of David Curtis from the U.K. who is the founder and Artistic Director of the Swan, one of the most successful chamber orchestras in the U.K. He has made numerous recordings and conducted student and professional orchestras around the world including St. Martin's in-the-Field. Selections included: Vaughn Williams "Concerto Grosso", John Ireland "Dowland Suite" and Steve Martland's totally insane arrangement of JS Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Here is the roster of Concordia participants under the direction of Ms. Sara Preus:

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APAC Choir was held from November 15-19 at AISG in Guangzhou, China. Singers performed 7 selections under the baton of Dr. Eric Johnson of Northern Illinois Univeristy. Selections included 2 movements from the Mozart Requiem, as well as a specially commissioned piece of music based on the poetry of Li Bai (701-762 C.E.). Each school also presents 2 pieces of music by themselves. Concordia Chamber Singers performed "Earth Song by Frank Ticheli and Ballade to the Moon by Daniel Elder. Our Concordia Accompanist, Yifan Shi, was also the festival accompanist, performing with Dr. Johnson. Here is the roster of Concordia participants under the direction of Mrs. Meg Ideker:

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The Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS) has announced their audition results for the 2017-2018 school year. The following Concordia Students have been selected by rigorous audition requirements to be part of these highly honored music ensembles:

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