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Health & Safety During COVID-19

The Concordia Shanghai Operations Team and Health Department have been hard at work since news of the COVID-19 virus first broke in January 2020. Immediately upon hearing of this disease, our dedicated staff began preparing our campus, our procedures, and our supplies to protect the Concordia community and comply with all Chinese government regulations and requirements. 

The health and safety of our students, parents, and employees are of the utmost importance to us. We strive to always provide a healthy environment for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our community. This is crucially important during pandemics, such as COVID-19, and Concordia Shanghai has taken the virus, and our response, with the seriousness that our community deserves. If you have any questions or concerns about our campus preparedness, please email health.office@concordiashanghai.org

Thank you to our amazing parents and partners who donated large numbers of face masks and protective gloves to support the Concordia community's health and well-being.

COVID-19 Campus Access Rules

  1. Campus access is currently limited to employees and Grades 1 through 12 students who have fulfilled the government health check requirements.
  2. All students and employees must provide daily proof of their health by submitting a new online health declaration forms every morning. These forms have been emailed to you by your divisional office.
  3. Bicycles and Scooters are not allowed on campus, you will need to park on the sidewalk if you ride a bicycle or scooter.
  4. Masks must be worn while entering campus. 
  5. Students and employees must strive to maintain one meter distance from one-another at all times.
  6. In support of government guidelines, any student or employee who leaves Shanghai must repeat a 14-day campus quarantine period before being able to return to campus, including travel within China. Students should not leave Shanghai if they want to access campus.

Important Education Resources about COVID-19

The Chinese government and global health organizations have provided education resources for you and your family to follow to promote your health and well-being. We encourage all families to review these materials and follow their suggestions, directives, and best practices closely for your safety and the safety of our community.

Chinese Center for Disease Control

World Health Organization

United States of America Center for Disease Control

Korean Center for Disease Control

Concordia's Epidemiology Student Mask Training Video

Please Watch Our Community Training Videos

Inter-China Travel and 14-day Quarantines

In support of government guidelines, any student or employee who leaves Shanghai must repeat a 14-day campus quarantine period before being able to return to campus, including travel within China.

For parent or family members traveling: Some areas of China and many countries are still designated as "high risk" by the Chinese government. To prevent the virus spreading from these areas to Shanghai and schools, the government authorities has set guideline procedures in certain scenarios for schools to follow. Based on the government guideline of “One School, One Policy,” each school also needs to consider its own situation as to set policies and protocols to better protect the school community. Here below are Concordia’s requirement for returning to campus: 

  1. Every student and employee must fulfill a 14-day quarantine/health observation and provide proper documentation of their cleared health status before returning to campus. 

  1. If a co-habitant in the family travels to a “government stated critical area” for work or pleasure, the student(s) in that family must fulfill a 14-day quarantine/health observation before returning to campus. The list of “critical areas” may change based on the government definition, so please submit your health and travel form with your updated travel status. These forms will be provided to the parents before your student’s return date. We will talk with each family individually when there is a conflict. 

Campus Access after sickness Recovery

All employees and students with respiratory symptoms (i.e. fever, chills, fatigue, diarrhea, conjunctival congestion, and other physical symptoms and signs) who have been ruled out "COVID-19", should not return to school before all the symptoms disappear and are fully recovered. Fever patients will only return to school 48 hours after all symptoms disappear. Patients with vomiting and diarrhea will only return to school 72 hours after all symptoms disappear.

If employees and students have a cough caused by allergy, asthma, or other reasons, a medical certificate from a designated government hospital must be provided. Email health.office@concordiashanghai.org for any questions. 

Face Masks required

All students, employees, and contracted staff are required to wear protective masks to enter campus. We encourage our families to maintain a supply of masks at home and consider sending back-up masks with students to school. For any student who needs a replacement mask during the day, Concordia Shanghai will provide one from our storage. 

Social Distancing

Social distancing is the intentional physical separation between people to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. We require everyone on campus to maintain social distancing.

  • Maintain 1 meter distance between people at all times
  • Avoid physical contact such as shaking hands, hugs, etc. 
  • Avoid congregating in groups or attending gatherings or group events, both on and off campus. 

Bus and Van Transportation

Our bus and van transportation procedures are designed to identify potential health risks before they arrive at the Concordia campus and protect the safety of our bus riders and community.

  • Provide daily health declaration documentation
  • Have their temperature taken by the bus monitor before boarding the bus
  • Wash hands using hand sanitizer 
  • Do not sit immediately next to another person
  • Obey the rules and directions of the bus monitor

If you have any questions or concerns about our transportation requirements, please email transportation@concordiashanghai.org

Campus Drop-off and Pick-up

According to government regulations, campus access is currently restricted to employees, students, and contracted staff and vendors. We will communicate any changes to this requirement as soon as they are available. Any parents who wish to drop-off their children at school and pick them up after school should follow the following rules:

  • Provide proper daily entrance documentation. This will be emailed to you daily when your grade level resumes on-campus instruction. 
  • Remain outside of the gate at all times while the student waits in line, has their temperature taken, and washes their hands.
  • When we are able to re-open campus for our youngest learners, we will provide a system to escort students to their classrooms.  

Food Service During COVID-19

Please see the training video above to learn about our food service procedures. Each division has its own specific meal plan and schedule, but they all include:

  • Mandatory hand sanitation and temperature check
  • Individually packaged box meals 
  • Students will remain 1 meter away from each other while eating
  • All food service facilities, supplies, and serving areas will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected throughout the day

If you have any questions or concerns about food service, please email foodservice@concordiashanghai.org

campus cleaning and disinfection

Our cleaning service is working very hard to ensure our highest level of campus cleanliness and disinfection is maintained under threat of an infectious disease. 

  • Daily monitoring the health and status of all cleaning staff
  • Increased daily cleaning and disinfection routine and schedule 
  • Increased concentration of cleaning solutions
  • Increased use of UV disinfection treatment

If you have any questions or concerns about our cleaning and disinfection, please email operations.office@concordiashanghai.org.

New Hand Washing Stations

Concordia Shanghai has installed two new hand washing stations for our community to use while entering campus. Everyone entering campus will be required to wash their hands thoroughly at these hand washing stations before entering campus. We also have hand sanitizers placed throughout the campus for students and employees to use throughout the day.

If you have any questions or concerns about our cleaning and disinfection, please email operations.office@concordiashanghai.org

Temporary Isolation Units

Dedicated temporary isolation units have been installed at both the Huangyang Road Gate and Mingyue Road Gate for anyone who develops symptoms while on campus throughout the course of the day. These isolation areas will be staffed by Concordia healthcare personnel. Temporary bathroom facilities for each isolation area have also been installed. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our isolation units, please email health.office@concordiashanghai.org