Who We Are

Stakeholders of the school are the individuals, groups, and organizations who have a vested interest in the statements, actions, and/or success of the school. Concordia International School Shanghai stakeholders include, but are not limited to:

Key Stakeholders

  • Parents
  • Students (Preschool-G12)
  • Teachers
  • Administration
  • Support Staff
  • LCMS
  • Concordia School Board

Communication Committee’s assignment will focus on those stakeholders highlighted in blue and may provide recommendations regarding practices in information dissemination to stakeholders listed below:

Related Stakeholders

  • Alumni/Alumnae
  • Future Families
  • Future Employees
  • Future Student teachers
  • Future Teachers

Regulators – Places limits on the organization

  • Local Chinese government officials (Jinqiao, Pudong)
  • Shanghai Education Commission
  • WASC

Partners – Work together with the organization to accomplish goals

  • Parent Support Organization (PSO)
  • APAC
  • SSFF
  • NHD
  • Shanghai Lit Festival
  • Community Center Shanghai
  • Colleges – visits
  • Colleges – student teachers
  • Exchange programs
  • Charity Committee
  • YEP
  • LCMS publications

Symbiotic Relationship – A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence

  • Companies who sponsor our school
  • Companies who don’t sponsor our school but whose employees’ children attend our school
  • Active Kidz Shanghai
  • Scouts (girls & boys)

Advocates – Individuals or organizations with the potential to promote the school but have no ownership interest in the school

  • Agents
  • HR staff at companies
  • Relocation Companies
  • Companies doing business in Shanghai that would be interested in suggesting our school as the school of choice
  • Interkom
  • Shanghai Expat Association (SEA) or American Women’s Club Shanghai (AWCS) (community organizations our parents frequent)
  • Consulates
  • Relatives of teachers or students who work for/attend Concordia


  • Food Service
  • Uniform supplier
  • Phoenix Shop
  • China Climb